Wizard Technologies, LLC is the manufacturer of Anaerobic Beneficials Culture (ABC), a product for the garden. ABC is a liquid concentrated soil amendment designed to promote soil health through the introduction of beneficial microorganisms. ABC can be used throughout the entire growth cycle, from seed to harvest, from spring to next spring.
    The trick is to add biology to growing systems. Virtually all soils contain the mineral nutrients plants require to grow. Soil is already fertile. When you build the diversity of microorganisms in a soil's food web, you encourage basic nutrient cycling of mineral nutrients into plant-available forms. As a result, plants function the way nature has intended and exhibit strong, healthy and vigorous immune systems.
    Many customers use ABC during vegetative growth and when transplanting, or on tender starts or fruited plants. To purchase ABC, please visit one of the regional retailers (Map) carrying Wizard Technologies' products or (Contact us) to order directly or through distributorship.
    We currently offer Anaerobic Beneficials Culture: "Original Magic Formula" and "The Wild & Free Culture." Customized requests are done on a made-to-order basis and may require lead time of as little as one week or as much as six months, depending on category and use of culture.

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Let's Talk Soil

    By encouraging diversity in your soil's food web, you encourage the basic biology and chemistry of nutrient-cycling. Having a healthy and living soil is vital to a plant's ability to take nutrients in the soil and convert them into usable forms for growing plants. Microbial diversity also limits the competing potentials of opportunistic and pathogenic organisms by colonizing the environment and establishing niches within niches.
    ABC is a soil conditioner. It is a liquid concentrate. It is a symbiotic culture of beneficial microorganisms. It is for building biodiversity and the healthy mechanisms of biology.

Consortia Technology

    Symbiotic and mutually beneficial relationships among different species of microorganisms allows a syntropy to emerge. Populations succeed each other and after successive fermentative processes the microbes have had ample time to transition to their stationary phases, such as endospore or cyst phase. A dormant live culture is shelf-stable. The culture is predominantly LABs (lactic acid bacterias), yeasts, and phototrophic microorganisms and many species are not true anaerobes, but facultative anaerobes that respirate and awaken from their stationary phases when applied to favorable environmental conditions. In the packaging, the live culture continues to age, the yeast bodies and LABs slowly transitioning to an environment succeeded of phototrophs. Stored properly, the culture generally keeps for years.

Paleolithic Pond Scum

    Anaerobic Beneficials Culture (ABC) is a step forward on the path to building a healthy soil food web. ABC helps to establish and maintain a healthy diversity of microorganisms in the soil. Nature's varied structures and complexities create microhabitats that we are still discovering and exploring today. When we develop a relationship with the soil, we also develop a new way of looking, interacting and experiencing. Microbes exhibit an inherent intelligence, not just in the chemical and enzymatic language that is their dance of life, reproduction, and death, but also in their ancient existence and the adaptability that allows them to process energy from new and unlikely sources. They are a symbiotic and synergistic syntropic consortium. That's right!

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ABC, Anaerobic Beneficials Culture, Liquid Microorganism Inoculant for Soil, 12 Ounces Oz. 1/2 and 1 Gallon
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